Picking up the dusty family photo albums and diving head into the memories of way back then always proves fruitful. Especially when you end up finding new treasures worthy of sharing with the world, like your grandparents wearing each other’s clothes in the 40s or your dad diving off a submarine in the summer of 1983.

So, Enlighten comes to you now with a collection of old photos which are bound to surprise you and leave you feeling warm inside.

1. “My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s.”

thisisanendtable / Reddit

2. “My 13-year-old dad having a taste while the grown-ups are busy playing cards, upstate New York, August 1954”

stevierayfrog / Reddit3. “Mom making herself into a BMX ramp, 1980s”

4. “Infant me, my mother, and my father at a bar, because that’s how parents rolled in the early 80s.”

areyoufknserious / Reddit5. “My parents on their wedding day, circa 1985”

Unknown / Reddit6. “Our grandmothers didn’t shy away from fun.”

arpaddd / Reddit

7. “My grandma always used to tell us about this kid that would sing at the resort on her vacations in Hawaii in the 90s. Turns out that kid was Bruno Mars.”

Trickydicknick / Reddit8. “My parents’ non-traditional wedding, 1984”

-meow / Reddit9. “My grandparents wearing each other’s clothes, 1943”

howdidyougetin / Reddit10. “My parents swapping wedding attire, 1984”