Shoes have always been designed to protect the feet while walking. But many designers see them as canvases for them to express their creativity on and create objects that go far beyond functional. And sometimes, some celebrities manage to wear these works of art at certain special events where they attract the attention of the press, museums, and general shoe design enthusiasts.

Enlighten collected pictures of shoes that stand out for their strange designs and found out who created them, what inspired them, and if any celebrities wore them at any point in their career.

1. Lady Gaga’s “double boots”

MAVRIXONLINE.COM / KobiLevi / East News

Lady Gaga bought a pair of double boots made by a designer named Kobi Levi who’s known for his clever shoe designs. The singer wore this footwear in 2011 after the release of her music video, “Born This Way,” which made her one of the first celebrities to wear Levi’s creations on her feet.

2. Blonde ambition heels, inspired by Madonna