Truly talented designers are able to turn even the most ordinary things into small pieces of art that are absolutely mesmerizing. For example, a lamp doubled over in back pain at a chiropractor’s office. And also, chandeliers that look like jellyfish hanging in a seafood restaurant.

We at Enlighten are absolutely sure that these people have a never-ending imagination. Here are 20+ photos that prove we are right.

This crisscross water pattern at the Johannesburg airport

Atalanta8 / redditThis lamppost in front of a chiropractor’s office

joshi_bar / redditChocolate rabbit from IKEA

WyattMontgomery / redditCustom cat forest

Proteon / redditThese fish socks from Japan

danifrancuzrose / redditThis tablecloth looks like a giant beer bottle cap.

veganbooster / redditThe bottom of my racing shoes look like tire treads.

JuliusSneezer000000 / redditA sidewalk sign for the Toronto Academy of Karate

dittidot / redditThis is probably the best case for the new iPhone.

Commando / 20th Century FoxSilver Picturesanomalocaridid1 / reddit

The ID lanyards at this conference are USB charging cables with lightning and USB-C support.