Whether it is perfect timing, forced perspective, or just a game of shadows, if a picture makes you puzzled and you look at it again and again, then it is a good picture. No Photoshop — just pure eye candies and brain twisters.

Enlighten made a list of pictures that are not as simple as they appear at first sight. View until the end to see if you get all of them.

1. Cotton picking looks like a rock concert.

mnfloroy/reddit2. Rotating the picture will help.

Yakev/reddit3. A meaningful brand

4. Monster eye

5. This is one picture. Proof.

orgeezuz/imgur6. Carpet snag or shuttle launch?

Anonyman0009/reddit7. This hurt my brain.

dangusted/reddit8. Flying carpet

egwig/reddit9. Nice legs, bro.

charsiubox/imgur10. Houston, we have a problem.