Some people think of tattoos as a way of decoration and choose pictures of butterflies, flowers, or the moon. But others are sure that body images are supposed to have a deep meaning.

This Enlighten compilation is about the second group of people. All these men and women decided to place very important things on their bodies: memories of dear people and unique life stories.

1. “Not an intricate piece but my very first tattoo to honor my autistic grandson. So pleased with it.”

elizabubblehead / Reddit

2. “Best friend passed away last year. Got my first tattoo to remember all the good times we had.”

frenchdumb / Reddit

3. “This is my cat”

Orision / Reddit

4. “A recreation of my grandpa’s 50-year-old tattoo”

SleepingWillows / Reddit

5. “I used to write this on my arm with a Sharpie in high school. In February, I finally got to meet my favorite band and the lead singer wrote it out so I could get it tattooed.”

tonystec / Reddit

6. “Tattoo with my siblings, done by Frantz at Frantz Ink Studio.”

Enteito / Reddit

7. “My first tattoo, an homage to the neighborhood I spent so much of my childhood in.”

tuleyjacob / Reddit

This is the town of Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob.

8. “Moved from Sydney to Ireland when I was 10. I’m 20 now and here’s my first tattoo.”

Vikingsson / Reddit

9. “First tattoo. Each tree symbolizes a loved one in my life + a faded one for my mom who passed. Love the simplicity.”

takeaabreath / Reddit

10. “Bear in honor of my dog, Bear”

Justanotherredditt / Reddit

11. “The tick mark signifies me being one year without bad habits.”

GoofyFoot76 / Reddit

12. “My grandparents’ first date 54 years ago”

KornDog17 / Reddit

13. “100% deaf in my left ear”

<-32">Memeford / Reddit

14. “Finally did something with my scar.”

<-34">Dasgoog / Reddit

15. “Mom and I got matching pieces when she turned 70. Cool day.”

Zealousideal-Exam637 / Reddit

16. “After years of fighting depression. This is how I expressed my thoughts.”

Kaltsa1 / Reddit

17. “In honor of my cat who looks (and acts) just like him.”

<-42">helelo / Reddit

18. “My parents’ wedding photo”

<-44">ayy-shane / Reddit

19. “My mom’s portrait. She recently passed away.”

<-46">jferstarz / Reddit

20. “An eagle that my father was supposed to get tattooed, but couldn’t due to health problems, so I got it for him.”

<-49">avidapune_ / Reddit

21. “My daughter’s voice, saying ‘I love you baba’ done by Rooly Carther”

<-51">JustAnOkUsername / Reddit

If you decided to get a memorable tattoo, what would it be? Tell us in the comment section below.