If you think that matching tattoos are supposed to be for loving couples or best friends only, you are wrong. It seems that parents and their kids are starting to eternalize their relationship with tattoos more and more often. Ans we think it’s so cute!

At Enlighten, we found more than a dozen of moms, dads, sons, and daughters on the Internet who decided to show their love for each other with a help of matching tattoos.

“My mom and I got matching Mrs. Potts and Chip tattoos tonight!”

thegreatuncleiroh / Reddit“The matching meerkat tattoo with my dad!”

stevenslow / Reddit“My dad and I got these matching tattoos today!”

luckypantherr / Reddit

“Mom and I got matching tattoos of Morticia and Wednesday Addams.”

RipleyInSpace / Reddit“My mom, my sister, and I got matching tattoos tonight.”

khughes88 / Reddit

“I got matching tattoos with my oldest daughter. Her macaroni are on the blue background with the text written by me. I have a different background and the text written by her.”

irishrednck / Reddit“My dad, my sister, and I got matching tattoos yesterday.”

PorkBBQGuy / Reddit

“3 years ago, when I turned 18, my dad took me to get my first tattoo. He ended up getting a matching one as well.”

qkri / Reddit

“My dad has had this snake on his arm since I was born. I’m now 32, and I have a snake of my own. It lives on!”

Reverse_Flash_ / Reddit

“I got matching tattoos with my mom a couple of days ago. I’m 26, she’s 60. It’s my seventh tattoo and her first one. She’s never been a fan of my tattoos, so it meant a lot when she said she wanted to get these together.”