There are some women who often change their looks. They can easily cut their hair short or don bright makeup. But some women have to collect the strength for months to visit their hairstylist. One girl from our article wouldn’t dare make this change for years and eventually shocked her husband. And even though it’s just hair, a different haircut can really change our look.

At Enlighten, we believe that a woman always deserves compliments. But it’s really impressive how a haircut can help us shed a few years.

“I’ve had long hair all my life. Once, I got so tired of it that I just cut it off. When my husband saw me, he just said, ’Why is it so short?’”

“I’m so happy with my fresh new look.”

bluemermaidqueen / Reddit

“I didn’t fully appreciate my face gains until I made this side-by-side (fresh new haircut also helps!).”

velocity__raptor / Reddit

“The hair salons have finally opened back up.”

ikbenlauren / Reddit

“I’ve always thought my face was too fat for a short haircut, but I fell in love with a picture of short hair and couldn’t get my mind off it. I brought it to my stylist, and here’s what happened!”

sunbathingturtle207 / Reddit

“I got my hair cut short for the first time, and now I feel like I’m expressing myself fully.”

frizzylizziee / Reddit

“I got my hair cut yesterday from past the shoulder length to the shortest it’s ever been! Also added blonde and pink!”

AnmlBri / Reddit

“I got a haircut! Thanks for the advice.”

-MoonLily / Reddit

“Chopping my hair off was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m so happy with it.”

its_a_toni_thing / Reddit

“I made a quick cut to remove all my dead straggly ends!”