When thinking about the house of our dreams, we all may have a different idea of what perfect is. And in many cases, that idea of perfection only stays in our minds. But there are also people who are willing to turn their wildest dreams into something real, and if that means doing restorations with their own hands, they will, even if they have no idea how to use a hammer.

Enlighten has gathered photos from 25 people who said, “Let’s get to work,” and built their ideal house, using a lot of imagination and perseverance.

1. “The wife left for the day so I destroyed it and made a big mess. This was the point of no return. I should note that I have no carpentry skills whatsoever. Just had a blueprint in my head.”

HighlandAve / Imgur

2. “Renovated the pantry while my girlfriend was away for a long weekend.”

itsmyalterego / Imgur3. “Renovated my bathroom.”

desconstruction / Imgur4. “Mom and I made a wall less boring.”

leftfootforward / Imgur5. “Turned a half-wall into a beautiful bookshelf.”

BrianJ2000 / Imgur

6. “We bought this house 3 years ago and always wanted to do something with this wall. All in all, it cost under $100.”

EhrenChon / Imgur

7. “My grandpa and I renovated a 100-year-old house together.”

TheRealLarryDavid / Imgur

8. “My wife wanted an entertainment wall…challenge accepted!”

Dutchmeisterwannabe / Imgur9. “The wife and I decided to do an accent wall in our kitchen.”

Lilshoogfree09 / Imgur

10. Undoubtedly, this is a very original way to decorate your home.

shiftnox / Imgur

11. “The plan was to remodel this living room space. It resulted in a wall mount TV on a stone wall with a remodeled living room.”

Iampurest / Imgur

12. “Renovated my great-great-grandma’s small farmhouse that’s been abandoned for 30+ years.”

HeidiV82309 / Imgur

13. “Had a renter trash my house. After lots of work and cleaning, it’s ready to rent again. Hope we get a better tenant this time…”

<-33">IowegianStud / Imgur14. “Let’s renovate this kitchen!”

<-35">ZlovesMMS / Imgur

15. “Bought my first house at the age of 28 and decided to renovate the living room to change the dated look that hadn’t been updated since the mid-’90s.”

NorilisZione / Imgur16. “First project: a pallet wall”

matttheman2290 / Imgur

17. “First, we removed all of the drywall and replaced it with plywood. ”

<-43">onehitwonder27 / Imgur18. “It took me 4 days to do it.”