Even a monkey wrench can make us open both our mouths and purses with admiration if it’s created by a talented designer.

Enlighten has created a list of things into which creators put all their imagination, wit, and visions of beauty. And there’s a riddle waiting for you at the end: what do you think the weird object in the picture is intended for? (You know, literally everyone needs it!) Click on the photo to find out the correct answer.

20. A “censored” towel

Carmichael Collective

19. This flat water bottle will even fit into a small handbag.


18. This toothpaste paints poorly cleaned tooth areas blue.

Plaque HD

17. The “Bubble of Silence” is a gizmo that blocks all extraneous sounds: noise from the street, neighboring apartments, voices, etc.

Muzo16. A ski mask in the form of a cat face


15. A toilet paper holder for lazy admirers of cool design

Bertrand Jayr, Lyon Beton/Wayfair14. A windshield cover for fans of Star Wars


13. A metal dish scrubber holder in the form of a lady singing in a tub

Amazon12. The coolest monkey wrench ever!

PiggyStarDust/Imgur11. A folding “suitcase” scooter