It’s interesting how a single picture can take us through a whirlwind of emotions, often even more intense than that caused by films and books combined.

Enlighten found several photos that show life in all its shimmering emotional glory. And you know what? There’s nothing more beautiful!

He knows!

Meeting for the first time. 

Romance is not dead.

A growing love (literally).

Feeling music within.

For me? Really?!

Love that knows no bounds.

The bliss of food – we all know it.

Ever seen a giraffe sleeping?

Mom, I’m at the spa with ma boyz.

Forever and a day.

Smiling against all odds.

Sheer happiness.

Chasing the rays.


He wanted two sons. Dreams do come true….eventually!

No matter the age, treat your lady right, gents!

A roll through the park.

The simple things.

As the years go by.