The nose is one of the most noticeable parts of our face. That’s the reason why the way it looks often causes worry in people. Unfortunately, stereotypes about an ideal appearance have settled so deeply in our subconscious, it becomes difficult to perceive certain body features as an advantage, not vice versa.

Enlighten editorial is charmed with girls from this compilation. They radiate confidence and managed to love themselves the way they are despite their non-standard appearance.

1. “Here are some photos of my profile. Still learning to love it.”

Pink_Honeybun / Reddit

2. “Okay, I took some new full-on side profiles. I would never post these anywhere else, ever, but y’all make me feel like a goddess.”

violetmaipai / Reddit

3. “My nose reminds me of my heritage. I’ve begun to see it as elegant.”

bennettvictoriarose / Reddit

4. ” Anyway, here’s my snoot. It’s a long road to acceptance but I’m getting closer.”

Nuke_Mars2042 / Reddit

5. “Just wanted to share these park pictures from the other day and got so many compliments! Feeling loved.”

beijinhos / Reddit

6. “This pic shows how scared I used to be to cut my hair short because of my big nose! However, once I got the haircut, I actually started to love it!”

someplacein-between / Reddit7. “My nose said happy Sunday.”

emilymakesgames / Reddit8. “I always hated my profile view…I think I like it now.”

mahdaan / Reddit

9. ” This photo was the first in which I loved how my nose looked, and I’m no longer afraid to have my profile photographed.”

ZillyGirl / Reddit

10. “I have a teeny hole in the tip of my nose that I was born with. My mom called it my ’angel kiss’ and told me an angel kissed me there. That’s why all my childhood I was terrified of angels, thinking they must’ve had needles for mouths!”