Women visit hairdressers about 4 times a year on average and it remains unknown which of these visits can end up in with drastic change in their look. At the same time, the things that happen to their hair at beauty salons not only affects their appearance positively, but it also boosts their mood and fills them with confidence. Of course, those who decided to get that drastic change are officially not afraid of anything anymore.

We at Enlighten are ready to endlessly deliver compliments to these girls who’ve left their usual look and become the better version of themselves.

1. “If I was able to get back my natural hair, you can too!”

Doscenco / reddit

2. “Chopped most of my hair off and it was the best hair-related decision I’ve ever made.”

Unknown / imgur3. “Started from the bottom, now we’re here! ”

kdoylie / reddit

4. “I’ve been wearing my hair like the photo on the left for the majority of my life. I recently met someone who has encouraged me to embrace my inner curly girl!”

carameldrizzle_ / reddit5. Curly hair transformation! 2 years ago vs Now

omybabi / reddit6. “Never thought my hair could look like this.”

bobioa / reddit

7. “Finally happy with my curls 2.5 years after losing my hair from chemo.”

fizzywiggles / reddit

8. “Always wanted blonde hair, never had the courage. Finally took the plunge.”

berryshy / reddit9. “Decided to join the dark side. What are your thoughts?”

mth69 / reddit

10. “Decided to do a big chop and not straighten my hair anymore!”