Have you ever counted the amount of money you spend on your appearance? Your clothes, hair, nails — all these costs add up. But the people from this article prove that it’s possible to spend way less on these things if you try and make something yourself.

We at Enlighten were amazed by the talents of these people. Some of them took a risk and even made their own wedding dresses. And at the end of the article, there are 2 bonuses for you: a cat that loves the thing her owner made, and a photo of a wedding ring made by the groom.

“My beaded crochet bag. It is made of 20,000 beads, each of them is crocheted on. It took 80 hours of work, but it was worth it.”

ameralds / Reddit“Super easy at-home hair I did on myself today!”

rowsdowers_mustache / Reddit

“Volume is my new love. I actually wanted to make a dress but I didn’t have enough fabric, so I made a blouse.”

lilliesbaby / Reddit

“After not being able to find a nail salon in Boston that does sculpted acrylics using forms instead of tips, I started doing them myself at home. It’s French ombré using a light pink glitterish base and the usual white.”

dsp000 / Reddit“I made shorts… With pockets!! All by myself”

raccoontails / Reddit“Did my own hair for my wedding using a regular curling iron.”

brockolicat / Reddit

“I finally finished knitting this top and now I don’t know where to wear it. It is so bright that I’m not confident enough to put it on.”

sherlockfan14 / Reddit“Mustard crochet bag for the upcoming autumn season”

handicrafter / Reddit

“Polymer clay monstera earrings: Many people are asking me to make these for them.”

chelseabeee3 / Reddit

“Made this hoodie for home. I learned how from YouTube videos.”