Bella Sriwantana is an illustrator who knows how to show some of women’s daily struggles and triumphs through striking illustrations that she shares on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Whether it’s an intimate moment with a loved one (pets included) or your relationship with the world at large, she knows how to add humor and color to ordinary life, and we want to share it with you.

Enlighten collected some of this artist’s comics to inspire readers with Bella’s take on everyday life, seen through a humorous lens.

1. Digital emotions vs In person

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram

2. It’s a matter of attitude.

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram3. Men see it as a trap, women see it as a surprise.

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram4. Subtle ways to get what you want

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram5. Which one are you?

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram6. This is love!

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram7. With that faithful friend

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram8. They make us love them

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram

9. “Understand me once and for all, Netflix, I’m always ready for you.”

Bella Sriwantana / Instagram

10. Enough with all the drama… well maybe just a little bit more.