The first printed advertisement was issued in 1472, and it was a handbill announcing a prayer book. Since then, advertising has developed into a huge business. Advertising spendings are expected to reach $748 billion by 2021.

Such conditions make companies search for new and creative ways to attract attention. Enlighten has prepared a collection of surprising escalator ads for you. Let’s enjoy them together!

1. Enjoy this ride as Homer Simpson enjoys his donuts.

Gabriel Queiroz, Ricardo Balbin/Ads of the World

2. Are you ready for an adventure through the Brazilian forests?

Gregory Kickow/Behance3. A free massage for everyone!

Fields4. Silky touch escalator handrail

Lem/Ads of the World5. Long-lasting highlighter

Grey/Ads of the World6. Have a break with KitKat.

7. Endless Apple apps

8. When the company knows the meaning of long:

9. Nothing lasts longer!

Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia/Ads of the World10. A neverending library

Ann Putney/Behance11. There is never enough cheese.

12. If you ever wanted to know how long her hair is…

13. America would have 50% less electricity if coal miners didn’t make this trip every day.

Blattner Brunner/Ads of the World14. A nature-saving reminder

<-32">reusablebags15. This is probably the “best” airline ad.

<-35">Unknown/Reddit16. The right moment to start?

J. Walter Thompson17. Hairstyles to meet your every need

Rediffusion DY&R/Ads of the World18. It is hard to resist.

19. DHL delivers parcels in any conditions.

<-43">Ogilvy & Mather/Adoholik

20. Find the dual benefit of lower taxes and higher returns.