Experts confirm that your home can actually be a source of productivity and creativity. Moreover, it can even melt away your stress. The secret is in the unique environment we create using different design tricks. And we believe that these ideas can help you give your home a stunning makeover.

Enlighten came up with a list of the most unusual design ideas that will help you create an uplifting cozy environment and turn every house into a home.

1. Never worry about noisy neighbors again with these soundproof tiles.

Yankodesign.com2. Walk on water with these 3D floor coverings.

Etsy.comImperialinteriors / Instagram3. Exercise while sitting on this rocking chair.

4. Bring the moon into your room with a giant glow-in-the-dark moon print.

5. Let your kids draw on the walls with this removable coloring wallpaper.

6. Get a moment of solitude and silence in a chair that blocks off mobile and Wi-Fi signals.

Behance.net7. Always be ready for guests with a collapsible cardboard bed.

It-happens.ch8. Spoil your cat with this claw-verly designed bridge.

9. Sleep better at night with these perforated black out curtains that show a stunning city view.

10. Use space wisely with this coffee table that’s also a storage table.