Some of the best designers combine creativity and practicality in their art that you can’t help but admire. Creations such as a swing for both parents and a toddler, a jump rope with a counter, or a dentist waiting room that looks like the inside of a mouth are all perfect examples of this.

At Enlighten, we’ve put together some of the most innovative designs to share with you.

1. A beautiful design of a miniature garden inside a terrarium

commonvanilla / reddit2. An aquarium sink for marine life lovers

thotsNprayers / reddit3. Optical illusions at their finest

fraxxxi / imgurfraxxxi / imgur4. These floor pennies actually look pretty good!

TonyaTooners / imgurTonyaTooners / imgur5. Sticky window planters

gardentherapy.ca6. A toothbrush holder that drains into the sink

geneReddit123 / reddit7. Parents can swing together with a toddler.

Bearat / reddit

8. This slightly submerged yellow brick road looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Perfectcornwall / facebook9. Bike rings shaped like padlocks

jakefanstone / reddit10. Here’s a jump rope with a counter.

sushim / reddit11. A unique table design for artsy people

corban-dlv / reddit12. These beautiful lights are worth trying.

elledecor.com13. This designer kept gamers in mind.

<-32">ILoveMyHoneybear / reddit14. Cosmos bed

15. A programmable LED infinity mirror coffee table

<-36">procupine / reddit16. Fluffy seal pillow

desperateCounting / reddit17. The Maraya concert hall made of mirrors