Artificial intelligence, home robots, and smartphones were designed to make our lives easier. However, there are things of a smaller scale, but no less demanded and necessary in female everyday life. So when designers solve a definite girl beauty or comfort problem, women are ready to thank that inventor forever.

So here at Enlighten we stumbled upon several terrific inventions, that took female specificities into account, that thousands of women today are thankful for.

1. A facial shield that allows recent facial surgery or makeup to be fully protected from water or soap

showrshield.com2. A pillow, that prevents facial wrinkles

3. Instead of pushing the swing for their child, this one lets parents swing with them.

Bearat / reddit4. Solid spots on sidewalk grates for ladies in heels

SmellYaLater / reddit5. A portable humidifier, that you can attach to a water bottle

ponchocarl / reddit6. Japanese toilet baby holder

Unknown / imgur7. Display showing real-time toilet occupancy

Hadouken617 / reddit

8. A toothpaste that describes each of its ingredients and its purpose

TheLonelyCaricature / reddit

9. This razor extension handle assists a person shaving their legs when they have a hard time reaching down.

amazon.com10. Curly hangers to prevent certain clothes from slipping off