Before any project is finished, there are a lot of different stages and people that need to check on it. But it looks like the things from this compilation were created in very different ways. Either that or the people that created them collectively lost their minds. Otherwise, how can you explain a sink where you can’t even wash your hands?

Enlighten wants to remind designers that visual appeal is important, but so is usability.

1. “My city just replaced all their buses with brand new ones. The stop button is now located where you rest your knee. It’s super sensitive and people constantly hit it by mistake, so the driver has to stop, even though no one is getting off.”

Freddypretty / Reddit

2. Measuring spoons and cups that are labeled with ink that washes off the first time it touches water

srae333 / Reddit3. A teapot cap that melts off when it gets too hot

xFlinchy / Reddit

4. “It looks nice, sure, but I didn’t even know it was a real extinguisher.”

ScrigglesBlaze / Reddit5. This soap dispenser that doesn’t reach the bottom

DJODSP / Reddit6. Blue is land.

J37__ / Reddit7. “This useless step made me fall.”

pizza_with_anime / Reddit

8. “It’s okay, I didn’t want any water without fondling the back of the sink anyway…”

Nighthawk980 / Reddit

9. “This plug in the library at my university — okay for laptops but don’t even dare to try charging your phone…”

fedenl / Reddit10. “My back hurts from this bench design.”