It seems like in the 21st century everything has already been invented. But no, a remote with a headphone jack, a suitcase with built-in scales or a magnet bracelet to hold bolts during repair … These designs will probably stay in your memory for quite a while.

Here at Enlighten, we gathered some really fascinating designs and we want you to take a look at them!

1. The remote has a headphone plug on it so you can listen to TV quietly.

superp0rk / reddit2. A suitcase that can measure its own weight.

Speedy5ingh / reddit

3. The Japanese “floating” torii gate appears on this dish when soy sauce is poured on it.

TCLP / reddit4. My indoor moss garden coffee table.

TherersomwhocalmeTim / reddit

5. My wife got me a magnet bracelet for holding on to screws as I fix things.

Ashtronica2 / reddit

6. A shirt that has a piece of lens cloth sewn on the inside for the glasses.

Marvin_k2000 / reddit

7. If you’ve ever wondered how 2+ children can sit on your lap at one time, this chair is for you.

Skormseye / reddit8. A fairy rose quartz sink

PC_Cuuhhrriiss / reddit

9. A magnificent handmade octopus chandelier my buddy made today!

Whitlow14 / reddit

10. “My sister gave me hot cocoa with a tiny gingerbread house hanging on the cup.”