Many of the products we buy today have been around for several years and have been enjoyed by many different generations before us. That’s why the way brands communicate with people had to evolve over time to fit the needs and most importantly, the ideas, of their new potential buyers. Most of the ads that our parents and grandparents fell for have lost their marketing appeal, but not necessarily their vintage charm.

Enlighten compiled a short article that shows the old face of brands that survived to this very day, so that we can still see them in the market alive and kicking.

1. Nestlé (1967)

Nestlé2. Lysol (1979)

Lysol3. Cadillac (1936)

Cadillac4. Domino Sugar (1953)

Domino Sugar5. Apple (1983)

Apple6. Clairol (1966)

Clairol7. 7 Up (1982)

7up / Pepsico8. Shell (1948)

Shell9. General Electric (1959)

General Electric10. Coca-Cola (1947)