Designers keep delighting us by inventing more and more amazing things that make our lives extra comfortable and… gorgeous. The main trends nowadays are to use space wisely, make everything easier for people, and of course, to incorporate high-tech. And the designers are doing great: the newest decor and household inventions are so fascinating that they could make your place a modern fairytale you’ll never want to leave.

Here at Enlighten we’ve found some inventions that prove that the future is here — and they’re startling.

1. This glass terrace can easily slide completely open.


2. Rolling Table — you can easily make it bigger or smaller when needed.

Marcus Voraa

3. Multifunctional coffee table that hides stuff inside and transforms into a real full-size table.


4. Bedchill — an overbed table with built-in sockets where you can eat, binge watch your favorite show, read, or play. Now you’ll never have to leave your bed.

5. Ever dreamed of sleeping under the stars? This bed imitates the lights and sounds of the night sky.

Kats ArchiKats Archi

6. These lights turn on as your feet touch the floor to guide you through the house and they’re soft enough to not wake others.

7. These magnet lamps turn on and off with a simple tap. Too bright? Tap once or twice.

8. Built-in vacuum cleaner: Finally we get to sweep everything from the floor under the furniture.

Nicole Janes Design

9. This trash compactor decreases the size of your garbage. It’s both good for you and for the world.

Joseph JosephJoseph JosephJoseph Joseph

10. This staircase and its lightning will add some charm to your house.

Soled11. Another gorgeous way to make your stairs unique.

Ihavenoideawhatishappening / imgur

12. Bubble Wall — an amazing piece of decor that will make your house look magical.

Hydroteka13. Sink aquarium

blessthisstuff14. This 3D floor will make any room gorgeous.

<-32">AIC15. And this 3D ceiling is just as stunning.

16. This interactive lamp projects onto horizontal surfaces and reacts to hand movements.


17. This bedroom can easily be switched into a living room by floating into the ceiling.

YO! Company

18. This indoor slide will definitely make laundry way more fun.

19. This hidden playroom under the stairs is a dream come true.

20. Cinema by the pool

Which of these would you like to have in your house? Do you know of any other amazing inventions? Share them with us in the comments below.