For many modern women, manicures aren’t just about nail care and different colors of polish — it’s a philosophy. Women learn new techniques, think over every small detail, and spend hours drawing different patterns in order to express their individuality.

At Enlighten, we looked through hundreds of nail design options and admired the imaginations of their creators. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus feature that shows how kids like to make themselves beautiful too.

“My manicurist gave me the Game of Thrones manicure of my dreams. She hand-painted all of them!”

Thumbelina730 / Reddit“My nails look like they’re made of rose quartz.”

bananayacat / Reddit

“My girlfriend tried gradient nails for the first time. I can’t help but want to share this beauty.”

Gleb87 / Pikabu“A ruby manicure with hidden snowflakes”

ForeverEndeavors / Reddit

“This is how I see the characters of The Witcher. My friend and I decided to draw Geralt and his women on my nails.”

ХВОСТ / Pikabu“Chocolate truffle nails”

meowyjanna / Reddit

“’They look okay if I don’t study them too closely,’ I tell myself as I study them very closely and nitpick every detail.”

Juniormint14 / Reddit“Even my husband is proud of my water marble.”

tiffanyann5152 / Reddit“My manicure matches the weather. Matryoshka nails!”

ladylichee / Reddit

“I got my nails done yesterday, told her she could do anything she wanted. I’m obsessed!”