It’s hard to not depend on the opinion of those surrounding you and love your appearance without trying to make it adhere to common standards. There are many hot debates about beauty, but in today’s world people are starting to realize more and more often that they don’t want to change themselves to please others.

We at Enlighten are delighted every time we see someone’s unusual appearance, that’s why we decided to show you some brave women who managed to accept themselves the way they are and embrace their gray hair. The bonus part will show you that it’s not just ladies who can look stunning with gray hair.

“Selfie Sunday that helps me accept myself”

Red-Annie / Reddit

“Started going gray at 13. Dyed my hair for 20 years and then I decided to stop!”

Grouchy_Ad_5680 / RedditGrouchy_Ad_5680 / Reddit

“I’ve always loved my natural grey streak, it been like this since I was 20… finally 17 years later I’m on trend!”

ruckusrox / Reddit

“Added some light pink to my silver recently. Curls are all-natural.”

JMO1977 / Reddit“Salt and pepper shorties…”

jaime_lyn_80 / RedditGone gray…

matherdisaster123 / Reddit“Define aging gracefully and disgracefully.”

“Am I crazy to be excited about getting gray/silver hair?? They make me feel like magic.”

willaonawhim / Reddit“Finally learning my hair’s love language and stopped dying it.”

Domestic_Demon / Reddit

“I started going gray around 5th grade and started to dye my hair black. I’m 30 now and I finally decided to just let it go! Added some red to the tips recently to spice it up a little.”