In many cultures, like that of Māori and Japanese people, tattoos are not just artistic charms, but they also hide profound meaning and denote belonging to a particular social group. In Western culture, tattooing is often just done on a whim, but for some people, they represent special moments that are not only carried in their hearts, but also carved forever in their skin.

Hoping to be able to inspire you, we at Enlighten have chosen some of the most beautiful stories behind tattoos.

1. A day to remember forever

hollton / reddit

2. The tribute from a son to a mother who passed away too soon

unknown / reddit

3. Despite everything, this young man has not lost his sense of humor.

1aza2009 / Imgur

4. “Got our late Loki’s nose. Gone, but never forgotten, little guy.”

dragonspark / Reddit5.

6. “Portrait of my soulmate”

DaddyMayIPun / reddit

7. This tattoo is a tribute to a murdered friend. The note was written to her years ago by her friend and is now engraved on her skin forever.

unknown / reddit

8. “My first tattoo is an homage to the neighborhood I spent so much of my childhood in.”

tuleyjacob/ reddit

9. This father has a tattoo on his chest of soundwaves from his son’s laugh who died of an illness the year before.

Theycallmekam / imgur

10. This tattoo was created by his grandmother. It shows his home position on the surface of the Earth along with longitude and latitude lines.