UV ink can let your creative talents run wild and breathe new life into your tattoos. While they may seem unassuming, they reveal secret colors and images when held under a black light. These UV tattoos are not to be confused with glow-in-the-dark tattoos, which may have some health risks. It certainly takes a lot of skill and practice to bring these tattoos to life.

At Enlighten,we want to share these talented UV tattoo artists with you to prove just how creative this art form can be.

1. The illusion of a lit candle

Yoshimatt / Facebook_Yoshimatt / Instagram2. An eye transformed with light

Rob_beast_tat2 / Instagram3. A friendly snake revealed under a black light

_jo_ul_ / Instagram4. A comet invisibly streaking across an arm

_jo_ul_ / Instagram5. It shows its true colors under the black light.

_jo_ul_ / Instagram6. A flower tattoo like no other

bri.rose.ink / Instagram7. Beauty in the minimal

_jo_ul_ / Instagram8. A delicate shoulder tattoo

_jo_ul_ / Instagram9. A heart full of surprises

misaki.tto / Instagram10. This tiny cat planet