Nature is a skillful creator of the amazing. And humanity doesn’t lag behind in their own creativity, sometimes developing masterpieces that are truly remarkable. And if you think that we have already shown you all the most amazing pictures in the world, just take a look at these photos below.

We at Enlighten liked looking at the following photos so much that we decided to share the amazing beauty with you.

19. The theater of fingers.


18. “I wanted to take a photo on the edge of the boat and suddenly dolphins jumped out of the water. It was the perfect moment.”

CanYouFeelItNoww/imgur17. No Photoshop at all – only makeup.

KevlarYarmulke/reddit16. A brick wall polished by the ocean.


15. The world’s largest salt flat in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Yellow531 / wikimedia14. A tiger crossing a lake.

13. A sand sculpture.

iamblas/reddit12. Bamboo in Japan in winter.

KRua/pikabu11. The art of makeup.

KevlarYarmulke/reddit10. Salt under a microscope.