Not cleaning on a regular basis can turn us into very lazy people. If we let the dirt accumulate and our stuff clutter everywhere, our house can deteriorate. In fact, some people even start to get used to seeing the rooms looking dull and colorless. That’s why, when we finally decide to deep clean and organize things, our house goes from being a sad and dusty environment to a colorful and shiny place. And there’s hardly anything more important than having a joyful space to spend your time in.

Enlighten invites you to see the radical change a good cleaning session can have on your life.

1. “Quite happy about how this deck cleaned up!”

zplums222 / Reddit2. “Who knew this beauty was hiding underneath?”

phriendofcheese / Reddit3. “It was looking kind of rough.”

c_h_u_c_k / Reddit4. “Boys, we did it!”

Crypticb*ndit / Reddit5. “I cleaned to start the new year off right. Here’s to 2021!”

aboom5 / Reddit6. “We had no idea the patio was hiding so many colors.”

harriehyacinthum / Reddit

7. “I have some disabilities and struggle with my mental health. I finally was able to clean my room the way I deserve. Took me hours and I cried when I was done. I’m trying to live a better life now, wish me luck!”

Sleep_Logic / Reddit

8. “My husband thought the steps weren’t dirty. After an hour of work, I sent him a picture of exhibit A.”

covingtonquiet / Reddit9. “So, I did some power washing this morning…”

ShadyPotato445 / Reddit10. “I didn’t know these tiles were colored…”