In our everyday routines, we sometimes don’t notice the beauty and harmony of things that surround us. For example, the perfect shapes of seashells, a totally empty metro wagon or a perfectly smooth surface of a new lipstick are the definition of perfection. Not only do such photos provide us with visual satisfaction but they also help to calm us down because it’s impossible to feel worried when you are looking at something perfect. Try it yourself!

Enlighten collected 19 photos that even those who don’t consider themselves to be perfectionists will like. At the end of the article, there is a really captivating bonus waiting for you.

Black ice-cream that inspires us to join the dark side

holestagram / redditHypnotically beautiful eyes

holestagram / reddit

A simple human can’t place tires in the bus this way. Judging by the broom, it was a magician.

WifeOfBatman / reddit

“My wife’s doctor told her that she has the weirdest eyes he’d ever seen.”

AlwaysSpinClockwise / reddit

The architect of this building knew exactly how to make it stand out against the background of the neighbors.

dittidot / redditA new, not used lipstick

masonboro27 / redditThe ideal combination of nature and architecture

achilestroclus / redditA plate that broke into 2 equal parts

GraciousK / redditIs this seashell real?

nirmaljk / reddit

A butterfly with transparent wings is an amazing creature of nature.