Nature is diverse and can behave in so many ways that blow our minds. It could be something as big as a lightning storm or a hurricane, or something as simple as a plant growing through concrete to surprise us. It can destroy and create, and either way nature is a huge and striking power.

Enlighten will show you in this gallery just how powerful nature can be.

1. Hurricane funnel

skeeze / pixabay2. A tree engulfing a mailbox

sarhngsabah / twitter

3. “Paraquita Bay in the British Virgin Islands is used by charter and private boats for waiting out the hurricane season. Here it is before and after.”

Andrew Pritchard / twitter4. Supercell thunderstorm covering a field

5. Yet another tree swallowing something, this time it’s a bench.

unknown / imgur6. The power of a small leaf

Amila Ranasinghe / facebook7. This molten lava looks like the gates to hell.

Laszlo Kestay / USGS

8. “Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) is one of the most spectacular falls in Iceland.”

9. Volcano explosion from the top

WikiImages / pixabay10. “The Heart of Mordor”

11. Colossal volcano, breathing

Pexels / pixabay12. Shower rain is passing through a village.

Free-Photos / pixabay13. Whale shark encounter: Their size is impressive.

14. This jellyfish is just huge.

<-32">National Geographic Russia / facebook15. The desert taking over Dubai roads

<-34">iherok / instagramiherok / instagram16. Powerful lightning storm in Canada

12019 / pixabay17. The wave that can destroy everything in its way

18. Roots

19. It’s better not to mess with this waterfall.

<-43">urformat / pixabay

Have you ever experienced any of these phenomena? Which was your favorite one? Leave a comment if you liked our article.