Have you ever wondered why we like harmonious and beautiful things so much? This is how our brain works. Experts believe that humans evolved so quickly thanks to their ability to make art.

We can’t just pass by picturesque and nicely ordered things — our brain makes us stop and enjoy the view.

This collection of almost perfect objects and events are like music to our ears. At Enlighten, we believe that you’ll love these too.

“This plane interrupted my shot of the sun. It was completely unplanned, yet it added something to the image that made it uniquely beautiful. I figured out which flight it was and contacted the crew. They loved it!”

cosmic_background / InstagramA fruit plate can look like a piece of art.

maxboon / Reddit

  • Beautiful, and it looks like so much fun to eat, I can feel the textures of the pieces. hoggerfan69 / Reddit

“I stacked 65 Jenga blocks on one block.”

Brilliant_Group_4074 / Reddit“Display of drinks at my local supermarket”

bnegssrit / RedditThe way this person arranged their books

DarlingCruel / Reddit

  • That’s the only sane way to arrange books at home. luckeehusband / Reddit

“The way all the veins in the rocks line up”

UnusuallyMyself / Reddit

“I had to buy extra baggage to bring all of them home. I only had a pink fur coat (don’t judge me!) and 25 pounds of rocks in my bag.”

“My first self-made shelf fits perfectly into the gap made by the support-beam in my room.”

TrainTrainee / Reddit“Isn’t this cute?”

Stropwaffel / Reddit

  • No it’s not cute, it’s adorable! MrDugong / Reddit

“The way the veins of the leaf align on the creases of the hand”

admiralwan / Reddit“Our village + fresh cord = the perfect pair”

SunPeaksResort / Twitter

“I accidentally pressed the wrong button this morning. It turned out fine.”

<-31">Djtodd1989 / RedditWhen the pattern on the wrapping paper aligns perfectly

<-34">AriasDNA / Reddit

“My clock shows the time, date, and temperature. Tonight it all synced up.”

<-36">ThunderChild247 / Reddit“Satisfying snowfall in front of my apartment”

Zothik / RedditPerfection in a waffle