Women face different problems every day like broken nails, grown out roots, and many other things that men just can’t understand.

Enlighten has collected the funniest fails every girl has probably faced once in her life.

Dirty diving

Andex13/pikabuWhen you don’t have an umbrella:

When your selfies aren’t that good so you have to take drastic measures:

HWJr/pikabuWhen your nail artist applies more than 2 layers:

nailsbyann/ instagram

When you just want to take a cool picture with a monkey but fail:


“Well, it was a nice lake day until my dog nearly drowned my sister.”

Holly_Monson/twitterWhy did she decide to wear high heels?

Leha9023/pikabuMakeup changes people better than plastic surgeons can.

anna_leighton/twitterWhen the sea is working against beautiful beach photos:

Rembo813/pikabuThe best fail of the year