“The devil is in the details,” says the famous expression, and it’s especially true for the design of everyday items. A simple inscription on a coffee bag can make you smile for an entire hour, and a funny print on fabric can make your day.

At Enlighten, we love to find objects that combine creativity and usefulness. And we want to share a few such objects with you.

“My ice cream came with an edible cookie-ish spoon. It was kind of hard to bite but didn’t soak at all!”

kumanosuke / Reddit

“These tables at my college campus use solar panels as shade, which, in turn, provide power for the charging ports on the table.”

Gadevin / Reddit

“This is one of my favorite works of Montreal municipal design. It’s supposed to aid people who collect cans in parks for the refundable deposits.”

miller_stephen / Twitter

“You: There’s no such thing as a perfect cup. It doesn’t exist.”
“Me: Here they are!”

Justinoaksford / Twitter

“I present to you, zip earphones.”

X_gamer_ghost_X / Reddit

“This little saw on my working pants I‘ve never noticed before — I love little details like this, it’s so cute.”

usedpainterspants_22 / Reddit

These chairs in Paris are cut to fit the sidewalk.

tomf4no / Reddit

“The bag my new glasses came in”

sadshuichi / Reddit

“New fabric arrived at our store and I can’t stop laughing.”

RyabovaYN / Twitter

“The barcode on the box of my wife’s lactation cookies is just spot on.”