According to psychologists (and other studies), changing one’s environment helps them to deal with their routine, get through trouble and difficulties, stop feeling depressed, and see the world from a different angle. After changing the environment, people are often in a better mood, they feel refreshed, start thinking positively, and their imagination works better helping them to become more creative.

In order to attract change and bring new energy into your life, you don’t necessarily need to change your job or go abroad. Sometimes all it takes is changing the appearance of your house.

Enlighten has collected 19 pictures of home transformations that will definitely make you want to go home decor shopping.


Jen Bertrand Design / twitter

White paint, natural wood, and open ceilings turn a mundane space into a great place for drinking coffee in the morning.


laureltracehome / instagram

A little bit of daylight, flowers, and a nice mat at the door in the hall keep things from looking boring and dull.


realremodels / instagram

If you paint a bathroom white, you will make it appear bigger even if it’s in fact small. And cute little shelves with flowers that are in sync with the wooden floor and the words on the wall create a nice relaxing atmosphere. As you can see, even a small, personal space can be made cozy with the right details.


therealswfl / instagram

Replace clunky kitchen cupboards with open shelves and your kitchen will become more spacious right away. The white color will not only make it brighter, but it can also serve as a great background for new shelves. You can add bright colors by putting beautiful plates on these shelves or glass jars for sugar, rice, salt and things like that.


melisaclementdesigns / instagram

Here is more proof that open shelves instead of massive cupboards can make a place look more open and light. A beautiful deep wall color is a great background for cute interior details. And if there is no direct sunlight coming through your windows, you can live without curtains: this way, the place will appear to have even more space.


leclairdecor / instagram

Again, the white color is elegant, light, and spacious. After the color change, the room will look twice as big.