It takes a design hero to look at everyday objects with fresh eyes and reinvent them. Or redesign common things in an even better way, like combining a door handle with a sanitizer dispenser or making “clever” stairs that tell you how many calories you’ve burnt.

We at Enlighten have time and time again praised the people who make our life not only more beautiful, but also way more comfortable and we have a fresh batch of smart designer’s inventions ready for you!

To flush the toilet — just wash your hands.

looking4thefunny / imgur

This 3D floor is not bent — but it does prevent people from running in the hallway.

“I adapted a Rubik’s Cube for the blind!”

unknown / imgurIt’s a classy way to protect yourself from a messy slice of pizza.

pwenski / redditThese horses have tail lights.

madman1101 / redditAge-old conundrum solved!

Tokyodrew / redditThere was a “shuffle” button on an elevator that I rode in today.

Bloodyfinger / reddit

These ceiling fan switches differentiate the light knob from the fan knob.

Pristine_Damage / redditThese stairs tell you how many calories you’ve burned.

DwightCharlieQuint / reddit

The Fort Lauderdale airport has rocking chairs to sit and watch the planes in.