Time doesn’t stand still. Modern companies have to create something unique to surprise and impress people. That’s why giant installations, interactive billboards, and other amazing ideas on the verge of brilliance and madness appear all over the place.

Enlighten has collected some examples of cool ads that prove marketing specialists are the craziest, most creative people.

3M’s security glass invites you to test your might and break their bulletproof screen full of money. By the way, no one has ever succeeded.

3m.comHulk stopped a runaway tram in Blackpool.

WeAreBrazenPR / twitter

Here’s a Bugatti made from a million Lego details. You can even drive it (the engine isn’t real)!

LEGO / youtubeSpider-Man style in a train

BroncosoJR / redditThis Russian milk brand invites you to an online excursion.

zda116 / pikabumu-u

Coca-Cola installed a huge billboard with a pump full of the beverage so that you can try Coke Zero.

adsoftheworldvideos / youtube

This ice installation was created to celebrate the launch of a new TV series.

hello_unity / twitter

This shelter invites you to play with a virtual dog at a railway station.

JCDecaux / youtube

In honor of Jurassic Park’s 25th anniversary, a statue of Jeff Goldblum was installed in London.


This interactive poster got people to make letters with their own bodies.