It’s a real art to create a cool business card that will help you stand out in a competitive environment.

At Enlighten, we admire unconventional design solutions and have found 19 business cards that might be useful even in your own household.

A very convenient cheese grater

imgur.comjwt.comPlastic surgery: before and after

imgur.comdmb.atThis trainer will make you really flexible.

adsoftheworld.com2-in-1: a tattoo studio business card and a temporary tattoo

Open Studio

This is a small yoga mat. So now you’re almost ready for your next practice.

fitnessvancouverA business card of a true sommelier


This divorce lawyer left his contact information on both halves of the card.

cardonizer.comThis fitness trainer will help you lose excess weight.

leoburnett.comA photographer’s business card

Norris MantoothYou can even fix your bike with this business card.

With this business card, not only can you brush your hair, but you can also play some music.

This is the business card for a survival trainer. It is made of dried meat.

rethinkcanada.comYou can write and draw with this business card.

This hairdresser knows that girls are always in need of some spare bobby pins.

<-31">kudos.nycThe wraps of these candies are actually business cards.


A designer’s business card who is crazy about music and vinyl


A butcher shop’s business card — you can guess this at first glance!

You will see this doctor’s contact information only when you inflate this balloon.

A creative business card from a specialist in floral decor

<-43">latona-m.comBonus: a business card that will show your pulse

If you could create a business card for yourself, what would it look like? Share your ideas with us!