Perhaps each girl has a story about an unsuccessful home experiment with her hair. Sometimes we think, “What’s so difficult about dyeing? I can do it myself.” But in fact, it turns out that no one can do this work better than a professional stylist or colorist.

We at Enlighten found girls who were brave enough to share their sad experiences and who showed the entire internet how their at-home hair dyeing experience ended — we would like to personally cheer each of them up. The bonus part will show you that you can expect a setup, even by using simple internet life hacks.

“I tried to bleach the fiery color out so I could go silver lavender but the yellow won’t come out! I bleached twice and used a color remover.”

TrekkieTay / Reddit

“My friend bleached my hair and started with the roots so now I have this. I am so lost.”

givemealeek / Reddit

“I wanted a bubble gum pink color for this summer but I got orange hair instead.”

sad_sya / Reddit

“Hair color disaster. I spent $100 to get a professional bleach and color. It was supposed to be smokey lavender.”

Flux_Psyche / Reddit

“It was ALL supposed to get bleached, I dyed over it with orange to try and make it look cute, obviously it didn’t work.”

boorella / Reddit

“Mistakes were made. New dye not coming for another 6 days. Luckily I don’t have to leave the house.”

arcinus / Reddit

“Tried dying my hair ‘ash khaki’ and it came out blue 🙃 No idea what to do.”

lonelyairportgirl / Reddit

“I wanted to dye my hair dark copper for my birthday and now I look like a carrot.”

Comina1803 / Reddit

“Is this fixable with toner or do I need to go to a professional?”

peatbogharpy / Reddit

“This is what happens when you try to dye your hair pink and you don’t wear gloves. It took about one week before my hands were back to normal.”