Nowadays, the body positive movement is very powerful and people are learning to love themselves as they are. This is a great trend but, according to statistics, around 70% of women are still unhappy with how they look. And sometimes, it takes very little change for the self-esteem to increase dramatically.

We at Enlighten are convinced that all women are beautiful, it’s just that some of them need a little help seeing that beauty. Here are 18 women from transformation shows who needed a little bit of makeup and work with their hair to become more self-confident.


WorkpointOfficial / youtube17.

Reveal / youtube16.

Modniy Prigovor15.

TODAY / youtube14.

Extreme makeover13.

In 24 hours / youtube12.

TODAY / youtube11.

WorkpointOfficial / youtube10.

TODAY / youtube9.

Modniy Prigovor / youtube8.

TODAY / youtube7.

Extreme makeover6.

TODAY / youtube5.

<-32">TODAY / youtube4.

<-34">The swan / Galan Entertainment3.

<-36">Reveal / youtube2.

Rogov in Town / youtube1.

HIT TV / youtube

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