Sometimes it happens that you just push the button of your camera but eventually you get something similar to the paintings of the famous Italian artists. In order to share photos like that, Reddit users even created a special community called Accidental Renaissance.

At Enlighten, we couldn’t believe in the beginning that these photos were completely accidental. See for yourself.

1. “My friends and I got lost in the city during 90 degree weather. This photo was taken after we finally found some good air conditioning.”

SammyDBella / reddit2. “My friend is waiting for his drone to land.”

sabretewth / reddit

3. This photo was taken during the Notre Dame de Paris fire, and it looks like a piece of art.

jrcprl / reddit4. A trick of the light and thrill in the eyes

ronstellation / reddit5. Amazing shot and full inner harmony

Strike_Gently / reddit6. A barber shop can be a piece of art too.

kmore_reddit / reddit

7. These guys with torches at the party are like medieval fire eaters.

dont_pull_my_finger / reddit

8. At the end of a long day… This photo resembles an impressionist painting.

watsin_aname / reddit

9. “I got some renaissance vibes from this picture taken during my match.”

King_Jpocke / reddit10. Supper at home, the mysterious play of light and shadow…