You don’t have to spend thousands or millions of dollars to make your life more comfortable. It often happens that really useful things cost very little money. Reddit users know about this very well and they decided to share their experiences and talk about the things and devices that brought their lives to a whole new level of comfort.

We at Enlighten also wanted to buy several things from this list. For example, the vertical mouse that only looks weird at first, but that’s actually really comfortable.

  • House plants. They will make you happy looking after them. I recently bought a Venus fly trap, she caught her first fly today. So proud. ManonastickUk / Reddit
  • A decent light wake up alarm clock. Completely changed my mornings. Don’t think I could ever go back to using my phone or a simple alarm clock. Ringolennon67 / Reddit
  • 2 king-sized blankets for a queen-sized bed. Nobody has to share or wake up because of the cold. VictrolaBK / Reddit


  • A coffee maker. This thing broke my wife of her $200(?) monthly Starbucks habit. The unit costs maybe $25 or so. HeadyPlay / Reddit
  • A whetstone. I spent 30 seconds watching a YouTube video and gave it a crack. Then I learned it had been bothering me my whole life and I just didn’t know it. Knives are supposed to cut THAT easily? throe-uh-weigh / Reddit
  • Vertical mouse. $20. Saved my wrist using it at work all day. It looks odd but it feels so much more natural. I even got a bunch of people at my office to buy one after they tried mine. AnxiouslyAmicable / Reddit


  • A good showerhead. I cannot stress enough how a high-quality showerhead can turn getting clean into an utterly zen, 30-minute self-healing, and relaxation session. Phleed / Reddit
  • Fitted sheet straps. They keep cheap sheets from popping up at the corners. So now I can use soft sheets that don’t cost a fortune and my sleep is undisturbed by them popping loose, greatly improving my quality of life. mykindiweb / Reddit
  • A good chef’s knife and a cast-iron skillet. When you have tools that are satisfying to use, cooking becomes less “chore” and more “hobby.” You’ll end up eating healthier and cheaper than takeout/restaurant food, and ditching the dull Walmart knife and scratched up nonstick aluminum skillet is the best place to start. eric_1115 / Reddit

Epanek / redditOnlythegoodstuff17 / reddit

  • A USB extender that comes in handy for many things. Then you can just plug it into whatever. Don’t wanna sit at your desk for gaming? USB extender. Now you can sit on the couch and use the coffee table instead of your desk and the TV instead of your monitor. Oh_Anodyne / Reddit

  • Active noise-canceling headphones change your life if you have to fly a lot. It doesn’t matter if you sit at the wing or not, the amount of noise that gets blocked out is incredible. It drops the background noise by more than half, easily. comogury / Reddit

  • A buckwheat pillow. I have sleep apnea, and it allows me to get my head into the perfect position and keep it there comfortably. I tried using the standard pillows but could never find one that was comfy. Memory foam got too hot or would compress into a pancake. Getting used to the noise took like a week or so, but after that, pure bliss. Rellik_Ladicius / Reddit


  • A hammock. Bought mine a year ago and I have no idea what I did without it, you can literally post it up anywhere and everywhere, and it will encourage you to go outside a lot more. deleted / Reddit
  • An electric toothbrush. That first time you use it is life-changing. You run your tongue across your teeth and they feel polished! Musabbb / Reddit
  • Meat thermometer. No more cutting open meat to see if it’s done, thus leaking juices. SpencerG49 / Reddit
  • Silk pillowcase. I got a silk pillowcase because I have really really long hair (down to my butt) and it keeps it from tangling as badly overnight. iris513 / Reddit

  • A cookbook. Not like a fad celebrity book but a real old-school family cookbook. The best one I ever found was at a garage sale and was like 6″ thick ring-binder, full to the brim with yellow pages some with stains. It honestly should have been a family treasure and I got it for $20. Hundreds of family recipes with easy to follow hand-written notes. I’m sad I never met the grandma that this thing once belonged to. HMCS_Alphastrike / Reddit

Which inexpensive things would you never give up? Tell us in the comment section below!