You don’t have to completely change the interior of your house if you want to make your home cozier. Sometimes, it’s enough to buy bed linens to match the decor, drape a bright patchwork blanket in the right room, or buy a new original lamp.

Enlighten dug up some photos that could push you to make your home a little warmer and more hospitable. Or, just spend a few minutes flipping through our pictures with pleasure.

“My wife’s aunt made this quilt.”

notyogrannysgrandkid / Reddit“My dad built this sewing room for my stepmom.”

BlooGray2204 / Reddit“I want to show you the floating bed I made myself.”

LloydChristmas13 / Reddit

“This is my work in which I used metal, shade, and light. I was inspired by Moroccan artisans.”

wood_watch / RedditThere is a smaller room inside this room.

Palana / Reddit

“Due to financial problems, I had to settle for a rather lame place to live. But my brother decided to help me a little by remodeling an old table for me.”

smife0 / Imgur”We decided to do something epic. My brother transferred and traced a map of Westeros with a grid system, he added shading, drew tiny castles, and made inscriptions. Now, this is the best thing I’ve ever owned.

“I made this hanging plant wall for my wife’s plants.”

NTCans / Reddit“I decided to paint my room.”

Schlosh15 / Reddit

You can make this spectacular shelf from an old, well-worn piano.

kuchka70 / Pikabu

“I made a Tiffany lamp by hand over 3 years and 297 hours, cutting and gluing tiny pieces of glass together. And when I saw it with light, I screamed with delight.”

alledelgardo / Imgur

“I made giant paper flowers to make a decoration that matched my mom’s new bed set.”

MissyCie / Reddit“My husband’s grandfather made this table.”

paigebennettblack / Reddit“I decided to share my latest project.”

<-32">Alenkey / Pikabu“My bedsheets nicely match my terracotta pots.”

<-34">plantsbybenny / Reddit“I created a striped rainbow wall for my 2-year-old daughter.”

JaynesWay / Reddit“Just my table lamp”

Bloggedupabroad / Reddit

“My friend made this table. He used resin, sand, and mica powder.”