In 1856, chemist William Henry Perkin invented purple hair dye and started the epoch of brave experiments with hairstyles. From now on women could turn not only into blondes, brunettes, and redheads, but also go for more bold shades.

The ladies from this Enlighten article did the same thing and we have to admit, that we can’t decide which of them looks cooler.

1. “I let my stylist do whatever he wanted! Here is the result.”

aloebeans / redditaloebeans / reddit2. “I remind myself of cotton candy.”

captinjaneway520 / reddit3. “Is this my perfect blue? I think it is!”

Iemonsorbet / reddit4. “My sister (hairdresser) tried pink on me and I love it!”

pbjelly369 / reddit5. “I can’t shake my love for yellow hair.”

Pretty_Parasite_666 / reddit

6. “Older person here — I’ve had blue streaks for years, but decided to go crazy!”

soulteepee / reddit

7. “I finally did it. Black & red split dye. My 12-year-old self who couldn’t dye her hair would jump with happiness.”

theflowerqueenrose / reddit8. “My new color”

tuttlesbuttles / reddit

9. “Living my 13-year-old dream at 33 and dyed my hair for the first time!”

yeinenefa / reddit10. An option for those who are not ready for drastic changes.