At the beginning of the month of May, the British website called YouGov conducted a study with 3,500 participants who had to fill out a questionnaire asking them to name the types of clothes that they thought were completely tasteless. The results were unexpected because on the list of anti-trends, there were clothes that were still really popular among average men and women all around the world.

Here at Enlighten, we partially agree with this list but also have a couple of clothing items and accessories that we could add.

Tracksuits in everyday life

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Good manners say that tracksuits are only good for fitness centers and sports clubs. No doubt, huge pants, t-shirts, and hoodies are very comfortable. But you have to agree that we can’t wear bathrobes to work and pajamas to go shopping. However, tracksuits are a sporty style and are very popular among young people.

What can replace them?

You should make a basic wardrobe where you have several comfortable things for every day. This can be a T-shirt with a print or loose-fitting cotton pants.

Tulle skirts


You should get rid of your tulle skirts just as fast as you bought them. Don’t believe us? Check out the fashion blogs! It’s very unlikely that you’ll find anything like them there. Tulle skirts used to be trendy at one time, but haven’t really been a stylish look for a while.

What can replace them?

Asymmetric midi skirts made of natural fabrics are trendy today. Also, you can wear silk and satin models. If you prefer a classic look, you can wear a full-sized pencil skirt.

Colorful braces


Just 10-15 years ago, the idea of braces made even the bravest people scared. However, dentistry has made great progress since then, so there are a lot of alternative options to those massive pieces of metal. Today, braces are becoming popular. Beautiful teeth are great but when people wearing braces like to show them off — there’s nothing too great about that.

What can replace them?

Ask your dentist about braces that can attach to the inner sides of your teeth, making them completely invisible to other people. This solution is great for people who often come into contact with a lot of people for business.



Unfortunately, comfortable, beautiful backpacks aren’t trendy anymore. This is the last season when you can allow yourself to use them and stay on trend.

What can replace them?

Bright clutches and handbags are what you should buy. Unusual colors and shapes will be a great addition to your everyday look.

Mirror glasses

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The Ray-Ban company released their mirror-colored glasses back at the beginning of the 20th century, but they became really popular in 2013. Today, this accessory isn’t trendy anymore.

What can replace them?

This season, you should choose ultra-new narrow glasses, oversized models, and round-shaped glasses. There are many options so women with any facial shape can easily find something suitable for them.

Street style slippers with artificial fur


For better or for worse, we are saying goodbye to the beach style that has been popular for several seasons. Fur slippers are gone from the trend list.

What can replace them?

Simplicity is key. Choose comfortable shoes with thin soles without any decorative elements. Your everyday shoes should be simple but elegant.