Advertising is not only the engine of trade. Professionals can turn it into a powerful instrument of information and enlightenment for society. Bright and well-thought-out images remain in the memory of people and make them think about important things.

Enlighten collected examples of social advertising from all around the world. They show the most thorny problems of the modern world and prove that we are all in the same boat, which is why we need collective efforts to resolve these issues.

“Not all selfies are the same, but they shouldn’t be that different.” This social ad is dedicated to child refugees.

Sancho BBDO

The boy commented on his photo: “Saying goodbye to my dear friends.”

Land Rover warns of the consequences of using gadgets while driving.

Land RoverY&RLand RoverY&R

Child sexual abuse often starts with online communication.

Y&R /Save the ChildrenY&R /Save the Children

The government of New Zealand warns about the consequences of drinking alcohol on beaches.

This ad calls on us to not give tags to everyone we see.

terre-des-femmes.chThis ad is against domestic violence toward children.

RepublicaAmigos for kidsRepublicaAmigos for kids

“It should be worn, not feared.”

This is a powerful example of social advertising about organ donorship.

Re-born To Be AliveDuval Guillaume

“Wim is waiting to receive new lungs. Without an organ donation, he might not live to see the series finale of his favorite show.”

Be careful with the things you agree to when you send your private pictures to a stranger.


Here’s one more social ad against using gadgets while driving.

Aca-m /FCB Lisbon

“Every letter could be the last.”

“An alcoholic doesn’t only harm herself.”

<-32">BBDO Berlin

This Brazilian Forbes ad touches upon matters of gender inequality in remuneration of labor.


“As an American woman, Mark Zuckerberg would’ve earned on average 21% less.”

“You can switch it off. They can’t.”
Another social ad dedicated to the problems of refugees.

Amnesty International /Ogilvy&Mathers“Safe never goes out of style.”

Women’s Fund