Some inventions are so ingenious and simple at the same time that often think to yourself, ’Why didn’t I come up with this?’

We offer our pick of 15 inventions which are certain to make your everyday life a bit easier. We want them all!

The hoodie with an inflatable pillow

There’s a small inflatable pillow inside the hood. Inflate it, make yourself comfortable and take a nap wherever you want!

The perfect alarm clock for those who can never get out of bed

This alarm clock won’t stop ringing until you put both feet on it. Brilliant!

The book lamp for late-night reading

A wireless Lumio Book Lamp allows you to turn the light on and off with a single gesture — opening or closing the book. It can be used as a hanging, wall, or reading lamp, or as a flashlight.

Sugru iPhone bumper

Sugru is the moldable glue that can take any form you like it to have. And just one of many tricks you can do with it is make a bumper for your smartphone!

Sneakers that change color

These shoes allow you to change their color and have any pattern you wish appear on their surface. These smart sneakers don’t need to be charged, because they store energy from walking.

A comfy bed for you and your pet

A bed like this will let both you and your pet get a great night’s sleep.

The cup which catches drops of tea and coffee

The special design of the cup allows it to collect up all the drops rather than have them stain the table. A seriously clever idea, and yet it’s so simple!

The cat carrier

This bag for travelling with your beloved kitty has a small window that allows it to see everything. There’s no way it will get bored whilst it enjoys the view!

The ’bear’ sleeping bag

For those who have always dreamed of snoring all winter and waking up only when it’s warm, Japanese artist Eiko Ishizava invented a cool sleeping bag shaped like a sleeping brown bear.

Arm sleeper’s pillow

Hammacher SchlemmerIf you like to sleep with your arm under your head but don’t like the tingly feeling after that, here’s for you: the Arm Sleeper’s Pillow. Now you can dream like a baby with all the comfort you ever wanted.

The all-in-one baby stroller-cycle

Something both parent and child will enjoy using!

The alarm clock that makes you a cup of coffee

Waking up is much more pleasant if you can smell the odour of freshly brewed coffee. British designer Joshua Renouf created an ingenious thing — a coffee machine and an alarm clock all in one.

Chocolate slices

Thin chocolate slices wrapped like processed cheese — now that’s something which can make life better. You don’t need to spread it on bread, just open the wrapper and enjoy your sandwich!

The USB charger that gets its power from your drink

Epiphany One Puck uses the differences in temperature to transform thermal energy into an electrical charge. It has two sides — blue and red — for hot and cold drinks. Place a cup of hot coffee or an ice-cold drink on the stand, and you’ll be able to charge your smartphone in 30 seconds using the USB socket.

Kotatsu: The table, blanket and heater all-in-one

Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese piece of furniture: a low wooden table frame covered with a Japanese futon or a heavy blanket, with a tabletop laid on top. There’s a source of heat under the blanket, often built-in into the table.

Easy-to-use sticky tape

No need for scissors or knives anymore — just pull a special thread, and the sticky tape separates easily!

The cat’s scratching post which looks like a dog

This will make your cat very happy!