Traveling back in time is impossible — we still haven’t invented time machines. But while we wait for scientists to build them, we can recreate our old childhood pictures to find out how much we’ve changed. In fact, Internet users have been sharing pictures with several years of difference between them. And in some cases, they’re wearing the exact same clothes and are in the same positions, making the end result incredibly fun and even emotional.

Enlighten would like to show you a set of old photos recreated by people on the Internet. While looking at them, we realize that despite the years that separate both pictures, the essence of people doesn’t change. At the end of the article, you’ll find a very peculiar bonus.

1. “I love this motorcycle — same spot, same girl, just 71 years later.”

ryanmark01 / Reddit

2. “We had to put my 16-year-old dog down yesterday, but before that, we recreated our favorite photo with him.”

Unknown / Imgur3. “22 years later”

technocraft / Reddit4. “My grandfather and me in Tokyo, 73 years apart”

Dauntless1 / Reddit

5. “22 years difference — we were visiting our old hometown and noticed that these poles were still in front of our childhood home. The tree has also grown up very well!”

echoenovy / Reddit

6. “My best friend and me in 1986, in 2010 at her wedding, and in 2014 at my wedding”

Invisibeth / Reddit

7. “Pictures of my grandfather and me, 40 years apart on the Great Wall of China”

xdylkay / Reddit

8. “I work with the same doctor that delivered me 21 years ago.”

green_teabag_ / Reddit

9. “I saw some childhood friends of mine at a New Year’s party. We all look different now, but we really haven’t changed much.”

mikecdrums / Reddit10. “Father and son photo recreation, 1979 vs 2019”