No one has doubts that men can pay the same amount of attention to detail, have the same passion, and practice perfectionism in cooking as they normally do in other spheres of their lives. It’s not for nothing that there are so many representatives of this gender among famous chefs. However, unfortunately, the stereotype that the kitchen is a territory for women is still quite widespread.

We at Enlighten like to find proof that men can create miracles when it comes to cooking, especially when they’re doing it for the ones they love.

“Husband got a John Wayne cookbook and made the ’Chicken Parmesan Supreme’”

terakathleen94 / Reddit

“My husband is an amazing cook! Had a rib roast for dinner.”

amberswoodshop1 / Reddit

“I made the creamed spinach, my husband cooked the steak.”

bunnylicious / Reddit

“When the husband decides to cook, anything can happen!”

RawOrion / Reddit

“My husband is a chef and doesn’t cook at home often, but when he does, we get bomb food like this.”

thevitchdoctor / Reddit

“Cooked steak au poivre for my wife. She loved me for it!”

onething1 / Reddit

“My husband cooked the family a couple of meals out of the Skyrim cookbook.”

aaracer666 / Reddit

“The recipes are just incredible! This is chicken and leek dumplings in rye pastry.”

“The husband cooked my favorite pasta today: tagliatelle with a magic crème fraîche sauce and prawns.”

leylapeaceee / Reddit

I’ve never been interested in marriage, but this post is giving me second thoughts… Dachshundlover91 / Reddit

“My boyfriend cooked some prime NY strips, and I’ve been working on food photography as a new hobby. This is the result.”