Fairy tales can’t even hold a candle to a world abundant in magical places and unforgettable experiences. Magnificent things happen all around us like pink lakes, rainbow sands, precise movements of a drummer, the harmony of volcano and sky, and the games of water and wind. Let’s explore together!

Enlighten is anxious to share with you our collection of astonishing photos showing all the beauty of the world. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy — there are 2 bonuses waiting for you at the end!

17. A piece of earthly paradise in Ios, Greece.

16. Behold the might of the wave…and don’t forget to take a photo!

15. The bubble of air under the water — want to pop it?

14. A slightly greedy crow caught on the hidden bird camera

13. A Chinese fisherman at work while the wind lifts his fishing nets


12. This is what life in a polar vortex looks like. Want to experience it?

11. The movements of a Japanese drummer are precise and meditative.

uncovery / reddit

10. A squirrel looking at her reflection in the lake doesn’t realize it has just created perfection.

9. A striped mackerel opens its cavernous mouths as it swims and sieves zooplankton from the water with its gill rakers acting like a net.

8. This is a person collecting joss sticks. Their red color is a symbol of good luck and happiness in Vietnam.

sipacontest.com7. This is what surfers experience when they’re under a wave.

6. An erupting volcano with the tail of the milky way coming out of it in the very early morning in Guatemala

5. This magnificent sunset in Poland looks almost like a digital painting.

4. Romania is the country of contrasts. Literally.

3. This old frozen berth in the Baltic Sea looks a bit scary but magnetic at the same time.

2. A juvenile grouper fights for its life while the lizard fish tries to ingest it.

<-36">Lilian Koh / National Geographic

1. The colorful floating market in Indonesia opens early in the morning before sunrise where 100 boats meet.


Bonus 1: Nature has no limits in its wonders.

The frozen lake of Baikal, Russia is covered with huge chunks of ice during the cold winter.

Rainbow Mountain in Peru peaks at just over 17,000 feet (5,200 meters).

<-44">nickargiresphoto / redditThe Martian Crater is filled with 2,200 cubic kilometers of ice.

<-47">ESA/DLR/FU Berlin / Wikimedia Commons

The most beautiful pink lake in the world is in Hutt Lagoon, Australia!

Bonus 2: The melting moon creates a “moon fall” with the power of photoshop.

<-52">ChiefCDawg / reddit

Which photo did you like the most? Do you like to take photos? Do you have any beautiful pictures you’ve taken? Share them with us in the comment section!