In the olden days, kitchen utensils were very basic and practical, made out of stone, wood, or even shell. Fast-forward to centuries later, utensils have completely evolved from just being practical kitchen items into trendy, multi-use gadgets and functioning forms of art.

We at Enlighten have found these novelty kitchen items that can bring your kitchen to life!

1. A family of goose measuring spoons

liliuhms / Twitter2. Knives that can be stored away safely and conveniently

Carousell3. Measuring spoons that teach fractions

besst / Reddit4. You can sharpen your knives against these rhinos’ horns.

5. A knife and peeler duo

Eiliv-Sonas Aceron / Unsplash6. A spaghetti spoon that measures single servings

PolarChi / Imgur7. A cutting board with a manual slicer

Amazon8. You can remove pepper seeds with this corer!

9. Spook + fork + spade = splayd

jansenart / Imgur10. Scissor-type salt & pepper grinders

11. A pop, drop, and shoot bottle opener

Amazon12. For juicing and sprinkling your citrus fruits

13. Strainer, bottle opener, and knife = multi-purpose bar tool!

<-31">JayneMarbleWrecker / Imgur14. A nifty holder to keep your kitchen sink organized

15. A utensil holder frame. Both practical and artistic!

<-35">Lara Santos / Pexels16. The complete eco-utensil set

17. An entire family of butter knives

Do you own any of these cool utensils? Which one do you wish could appear in your kitchen right now?